mural Services

At Code and Canvas we are committed to advancing the relationship between art and tech in San Francisco. One of the most impactful and direct ways of bringing art and tech together is through mural making in the environments where people work. Through Code and Canvas’s Mural Services we bring authentic hand rendered local art into and around workspaces in San Francisco. Whether its’ a shared office space or giant public facing wall, we can paint any size in virtually any space.

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Exerience and expertise

Nathan Richard Phelps is a native to the Bay Area and has been living and working inside San Francisco for 15 years. His murals can be found across the city, throughout the Bay Area and internationally.

Nathan leads the Mural Services division at Code and Canvas and will happily and confidently guide the entire mural making process from design to execution.

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every step is assured

Mural making is complicated but at Code and Canvas we have perfected a system which guides our clients through every step of the process from design to installation. We handle every facet of the process which includes but isn’t limited to: insurance, design templates, equipment rentals, contracts, documentation, PR services, installation, and all manner of project management.