To bring art and technology together, in order to foster community and creativity.

The Big Four

All members and projects at Code & Canvas must exemplify these core characteristics:

Commitment to mastery: obsessively strive to improve one’s own personal abilities.

Commitment to art or craft: contribute to the ongoing advancement of craft/field.

Commitment to cross-pollination: share knowledge, inspire, and be inspired by external disciplines.

Commitment to humanity: endeavor to improve lives.

Pricing & Packages

Interested in joining our community?

Accepted members can license workspace either in assigned studios or unassigned common areas.

  • Assigned studio spaces vary in size but range from $400 to $2000 a month

  • Individual members may pay $200/month fee on a monthly term for floating workspace.

  • Individual members may pay $20/day for floating desk workspace.

If you would like to apply to join us, please contact us for more information.

Aching to help our cause? Feel free to throw us a little coin.



A Brief History

Artists at the 151 Potrero Avenue warehouse, known for nearly 30 years as Live Art Gallery, were faced in December 2013 with an uncertain future. One of the artists, illustrator Julien Lallemand, contacted an old friend, John Yi, an entrepreneur and Facebook veteran, inviting him to rent a desk for a writing studio. John agreed to rent a studio, but when it looked unlikely they could rally enough artists to preserve the lease, it blossomed into a quest to save the entire space.

Within a few days John had pulled together a foursome of civic-minded tech leaders. Brought together with Nik Ajagu, Jeff Miller and Gi Fernando, and with the cooperation of building owner Mike McGlennon, these four vowed to rebuild the space into a sustainable business that would keep costs down for artists by licensing maker-space to socially-minded startups. The warehouse was reopened as Code & Canvas on April 10th, 2014.