the Healing arts at code and canvas

At Code and Canvas, we combine the science of wellness with the healing power of art to serve individuals, couples families in our community. Our services include:


Individual, Couples & Family Therapy

Galyn Burke, Associate Marriage and Family Therapist (Registration #108329, Supervised by LMFT Jamie Marcus) offers therapy to individuals, couples and families at Code and Canvas’ warm, welcoming and creative space. Galyn focuses on supporting adolescents, adults, couples and families who are coping with trauma resolution, anxiety and depression.

 At Code and Canvas, our standard fee is $120 per :50 minute session; however, we are committed to offering sessions on a sliding scale for those who need it. There are multiple ways to finance therapy at Code and Canvas. If you would like to discuss what financing will work best for your needs, please reach out to or discuss your concerns during a free consultation with Galyn.


healing arts workshops

Science helps us understand why we suffer. Applying that knowledge to facilitate personal and interpersonal healing is truly an art. The ‘art and science of’ workshops at Code and Canvas lead participants through the art and science of conquering some of the most pervasive, mental health challenges of our day. We find ‘the art and science of’ framework to be particularly effective as the science can be normalizing and validating, giving participants the courage to experiment with the healing arts techniques that are expert facilitators have to offer.

Pricing is unique to each workshop. As with our therapy services, we are committed to offering workshops on a sliding scale basis, too. If you would like to discuss pricing of a certain workshop, feel free to reach out to

If, like us, you believe that everyone should have access to the healing arts, regardless of their ability to pay, we welcome and appreciation donations of any size. We do everything we can to raise the funds necessary to provide all of our healing arts services on a sliding scale to meet the needs of all members of our community. Inclusion is the only path to community cohesion, which is deeply healing in-and-of-itself.