Code and Canvas is an inclusive event and workspace for creatives and technologists


Art & Design Studios, Art Gallery and Event Space                 

Painters, Printmakers, Photogrphers, Designers, and Architects...

13 artists work in assigned studios and workstations, adjacent to a massive gallery space. Some artists have worked in the building for over 20 years, earning their sole income from their art. Others are relative newcomers or part-time artists who bring a different but no less valuable perspective to the space.

Art disciplines at Code & Canvas range from fine art painting to photography, to printmaking, fine craft work, custom lighting and software design, graphic design, app development and more.

Assigned Creative Zones + Open Individual Stations

Room for 5-10 tech startups in assigned offices and up to 25 individual unassigned desks

The largest wing of our L-shaped building is nearly 3000 square feet with 20 foot ceilings. The space has been completely renovated. The design evokes an industrial feel, and we're proud to have had  all the custom metalwork (work tables, sconces and lamps) performed on site by a master craftswoman.

5 creative enclosures are suitable for teams of 4-8 people each, and there is ample room for up to 25 individual members who can use any of the unassigned tables, desks or furniture to work freely.

Common Areas, Business Resources and Community

Lounge and Event Space with regular programming, salons, art gallery shows

In addition to being a creative co-working space, Code & Canvas is a community that facilitates vigorous ideation, debate, and education, cultivates art appreciation and merges art and technology. Residents are connected to our network of advisors, investors, and professional services.

Shared space includes a lounge and bar, mezzanine with 10 open workstations, phone booths, a reservable conference room, new heating system, fast reliable Wi-Fi and an a la carte business center.